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Nov 12, 2012 6:00am EST
for ouse majority leader eric phe fbi last month aaouu the general's affair. ll of this washington. closed hearings on benghazi, libya staat thii &ptestify, but now the agency's interim director, michael morell, ill peak in his place. i'm andrewwspencer reporting. ccmmng up... to grow... for victims of nue - crisis... residdnts in new jersey are now deeling wiih. youure watching fox 45 morning &pnews.. allllocal.. all morning. ((break 4)) -harbor &p3 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway" piveaway!"we''e giving away 100 dollar viia giftcards everyyhour, everyday on fox455 morning news through thanksgivi. thanksgiving. 3 you have 15 mmnutes to ccll us at 410-481-4545 to claim your p! prize!want to get yyur name n the ox?go to facebook dot com slash foxxaltimore and click on ""ontests" to fiil uu the form and read the offfciaa 3 , 3 before the flames were evvn ut.... the owners promised they would rebbild. and now a full year &plater, moont washington taver is open again. again. jool d. mith is llve there now to show s the ccallenges to rrbuildiig a local landmark, and see if tte recog
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
..." olorado and washington sspporter"...i think t'' very obvious it should have been both states call for the drug to be heavily taxed.. colorado woold devote the construction, while ashington sends pot axes to an array of hhalth programs. but some say marrjuana enthusiasts shouldn't break out the joints jjst yett the measure coulddgo up innflames with the fan / university of wwshington law professor"...part of this &padminnstratioo's views of thee enforcement of the controlled substtncessact provisions on marijuana..."(anchor ttg) maryland residents havv also dream act. it allowssand - qualified ndocumented immigrants access to in-state polllge tuiiiin. but unliie the federal acc, it does not address cittzeeship &pin any way in new york, ainsley earhardt, ffx news. your next chance to win a just 3 miiutte away. watching ox 45 morninn news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 4)) 3 kidnappee and police tracked down wo suspectson fox 45 news t five. it's our fox45 "ttanks giieaway!" giveaway!"we're giving away 100 dollaa viia gi
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am EST
ommentattr and d-c insider, armstrong willlams joins us for this week's washington wrap. -petreaus's affair with his biographer caused him to resign ... now the scandal involves a socialite ... general allen ... how significant ii ii in the big scheme of things-aa this point it doesn't appear classified evidence was leaked .. but that's still to be determined-what are you expecting to hear from petreaus today-yesterday's hearings didn't go well ... lots of yelling and accusations -maayyare saying he won't have mucc to offer becauseeby the time the cia was invovled r could do anything ... it was too late coming up... the grand prix numbers are in... and the results aren't good.the 2 hingg orgranizers plan to do next timee.. to iiprove attendance. ((joel live tease)) you're waachinggfox 44 morning news.. ((breek 4)) all mooning. - & deer causing traffic the danggr inn states...on fox 45 news at 33 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway" giveaway!" &pwe're giving away 100 dollar visa giftcards every houu, everydaa on fox45 orning news through thanksgiving. thanksgiving. 3 & at 410-4
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
. washington lawmakers want to know about septembbr's deadly consulate attack in benghazi, they're holding closed doorrhearinns in hopes &pof getting answers. rene marsh is live in washington this morning... with a preview of what we could expect. good morning, rene. - thh president was asked about this in his press was asked about - the president was asked about this in his what say? - the reeublicans unified in their focus on ambassador rice. the other wwaa are some of ambassador rice. focus on unified in their don't appeer t be - the republicans say?did he have this in his press was asked abouu - the president rene. - the president was asked about this in his pressswws asked about this in his press conference yesterday, what did he haae to say?- the republicans don'tt aapear o be unified in their focus on ambassador rice. what are some of he other qqestions hey are asking? ccming up... coming up... get surround sound... innthe comfort of your own tooget that "movie theater quality"... without sppnninn a fortuue. you're watccing fox 45 mornnng news.. all local..
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
and from thher kids! thii mmrning sttcey cohaa is live in washington with the sto. story.good orning, ssacey. 1) so what should parents dd ii their kids need money forrcollege? from lashlights... to holiday ddcorations. usem jabyt. &pdouble-a bbtteriesslaat the're watccing fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance selt checking account arng 1% cash back on almost everything. arng 1% cash back i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have go friends who are all still around, and we're all luy to he a ndamed b.beprter mecae and tera' befits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my frnd, ben. i hope he's your frid, too. torohisscardin, and i'm honored most populaa. just inntime for the holiday crunch... consumer 33 (v/o)melissaagabriellwas actually given batteriee as a baby ssower gift!(sot: melissa gabriel)"my friend who had d kids efore said yyu hh no ew o is constantly buyin
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am EST
for this week's washington wrap.-yoo were pretty sure president obama was goong to looe-the president wonnevery ssing state except norrh carolina-what's wrong with mitt romney or the republican party .. that now needs to beelooked at-congress was pretty blatant in saying their &pdone on behalf of the people - ... will they get past that 3&pcominggup... a waaning today... about a nnw service offered on "craigslist."what some peoppe are soliciting... that coold lead to major financial problems doww the line. ((megan live tease)) you're watching pox 45 morninggnews...all local.. all morningg ((break honoring our veterans.the practical way they are being remembered in baltimore this 3ear.on fox 45 neww at fiie - live look harbor 3 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway!" giveaway!"we're giving away 100 dollar visa giftcards every hourr everyday on fox45 mooning news through thanksgivi. thanksgiving. 3 you have 155minuues to call us at 410-481-4544 tooclaim your p! prize!want to get your name in theebox?go to facebook ot com slash foxbaltimore and click form and read the ooficial rules. 3 map 395 map &p3
Nov 5, 2012 6:00am EST
in washington dc tonight. nats: as long as yyu love p3 justin will sing all of his current hits.this is "as long as you love me".of course, it this and other songs... you are in luck.there are still the cheapest ticket on ssub hub is 99 dollars---they go up to 71 dollars. anotherrbig celebrity is cominn to ábaltimore.áhere's one hintt.. she's a former ameeican idol winner. winner. 3 natss blown away away carrie underwood will bring her "blown away" touu to first mariner aarna on wednesddy t 7-30.of course carrie rose to fame as he winner of american idol in 2005.she has since becooe a multi-platinum selling recording rtists..won several grammys... aaas... shes always a two time acm &pentertainerrof the year... which indicates this will be a good how. up next...we have a winner! tina callee in to claim her 100 ollar visa gift card in ti. time.thaa means your chance to win is coming up soon.we'll draw another name after the ((break 8)) it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the j
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7